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About Us
Welcome to #"The Sound Module Inc." 
A fully equipped Practice Facility & Recording Studio in the heart of "Griffin Town".
We are offering networking, education opportunities for up and coming entrepreneurs and innovative artists.  Helping you define your future in music.
The Sound Module Studio, offers competitive rates and recording packages,
as well as training and education in Digital / Analogue & Live Enviornments, for the evolving engineer.
 Affiliated with (The Radio and Film Recording Connectin in LA), our full 20 week Music Engineering  Course gets you in the Studio / live situation as soon as possible to give you an opportunity to apply your new skills in a practical setting.
The Sound Module began over 20 years ago as a small practice space to provide musicians, singers, artists, a place to create, explore and define their unique sounds.
As you grew, so did we! We have had many notable artists pass through our doors and onto successful careers in music.  

The Sound Module is a one stop Shop for all your musical needs,  "All you have to do is Ask" !!!
 Fern Bouie.
Our Services
Recording Sessions
We Offer an Hourly Rate or the preferred Flat rate per Song.
Cubase / Protools are the Standard Software,
Hard Disk recording is also available in the
Digital World
If Analog is your Flavour we have
Tascam 1" / 16Trk / "ATR 60"
Mix Down Deck
Otari 1/4" / "MTR - 10"
Great For "EDM" / Rap / House, etc
Sound & Lighting
Bands #Dj's, #Rap Artists, #EDM, etc
We are a Full Service
Sound & Lighting #Installation
Backline #FOH #Monitor #Rigging & Transport #Rental Company
We Also Repair all makes and brands
of Audio / Lighting Equipment
Nothing is to small or big for us.
The Sound Module is affiliated with
the "Recording Radio and Film Connection"
Based out of L.A.
We Mentor Students for 20 weeks,
on a one on one individual Class Bases,
We give you more Opportunities to get you where you want to be.
We Have A higher placement rate than any other School in Montreal.